Jetty pile coating plays a very important role in the works and infrastructure at sea. Therefore, researching and implementing solutions for jetty pile protection is a top priority in order to maintain the quality and longevity of the works. Through this article, readers will have more useful knowledge about wharf pile coating solutions being applied today.

Why are jetty pile coating solutions important for off-shore construction projects?

First of all, the article will inform the definition of jetty pile wrapping, and then list out the benefits of this solution. In the next part, we will briefly introduce the four most commonly applied pile coating technologies nowadays.

What is jetty pile wrapping? Why is it a must to implement jetty pile protection for marine works?

jetty piles coating

Before getting into the main issue, let’s find out about the jetty pile. They are fixed structures, also known as harbor floating structures, used for purposes such as mooring ships, transporting goods and other maritime transport operations.

Corrosion of the jetty is a fairly common problem. After a long time of use, along with external factors such as weather influences, the impact of ocean waves and microorganisms make the wharf prone to corrosion problems. Seawater is also a key agent because it is strongly corrosive. This phenomenon negatively affects the quality of port infrastructure and trading activities, thereby adversely affecting the economy and waterway traffic.

Therefore, implementing jetty pile coating solutions is considered an extremely important job to limit the harmful agents mentioned above.

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The key advantages of jetty pile wrapping solutions in marine construction protections

Through the above factors, we can see the importance and urgency of the design, construction and maintenance of the wharf. It is not only useful in navigating and developing the maritime system, but also protecting the lives of people who are working there. Safe and convenient operations are the top priority for the circulation of goods and services by waterway.

In addition, jetty pile protection also helps prolong the life of pillars built at sea, thereby saving maintenance and repair costs when columns are corroded.

The best jetty pile coating technologies used for off-shore constructions today

In recent years, there are 4 highly appreciated jetty pile coating solutions, which can protect the wharf from harmful agents from the environment outside.

  1. Jetty pile protection with an anti-corrosion layer:

Anti-corrosion coating technology, also known as the method of winding industrial and petroleum construction piers, includes the following techniques: FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) pier winding, 3LPE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) pier winding ( Three Layer Polyethylene Coating), and wrap the pier 3LPP (Three Layer Polypropylene Coating).

  1. Wrap anti-corrosion pillars by the method of reinforced concrete:

The reinforced concrete cover helps the pipeline resist Archimedes’ thrust so it can stay firmly on the seabed while protecting the pipeline from mechanical impact. The special thing about this jetty pile wrapping method is that the concrete layer is wrapped outside the anti-corrosion layer or the insulation layer without affecting these layers. 

  1. Wrap the jetty with PU Foam and MLPP

This technology uses PU Foam to improve anti-corrosion and heat insulation for pipes with temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. For MLPP, this technology is capable of insulating up to 150 degrees Celsius and achieving 3000 m depth. The combination of PU Foam and MLPP is widely used for insulation construction for offshore oil and gas projects. 

  1. Bend and Fitting jetty pile wrapping method:

Bend and Fitting are used to perform anti-corrosion through the “3LPE/3LPP Modified” coating technology. This method increases the heat resistance and good corrosion resistance of the wharf in inclement weather. This is one of the latest jetty pile protection technologies implemented through the Series 200 RAM system by highly qualified engineers. 

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The RAM Series 200 system provides anti-corrosion protection, limiting highly aggressive wear due to influences from weather, microorganisms to the wharf structure. RAM Series 200 works by causing corrosion inhibition in the treated areas, by removing oxygen and water from the substrate surface, thereby increasing the life and durability of structures up to 25 years. With the special utilities that RAM Series 200, this system is considered a perfect solution for any project, supporting the protection of the wharf from corrosive and aggressive phenomena from natural agents such as tides and water. big waves.

Hopefully, our above article is useful for you to understand jetty pile wrapping, as well as it is meaning for marine infrastructure. IAnd with 4 suggestions on jetty pile protection solutions mentioned, this will help readers in the process of learning about construction solutions for wharf covering.

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