Damaged metal parts and components is a constant problem in metal usage. Metallization was created to reduce material losses and extend the life of structures, and it is becoming increasingly common. This thermal spray method coats the surface with a thin metal layer protecting it against corrosion. This article will provide the overall method’s procedure and assess its benefits to current businesses, especially mechanical engineering.

About Metallization technology: Definition, application and benefits

Metallization is an effective method to protect materials from corrosion and environmental effects. Besides the protective properties, this coating offers many significant benefits. So it is not difficult to understand when it is becoming more and more popular in the marine, oil, and gas industries. So what exactly is this metal coating method? What benefits do they bring to the construction project? What are the main application areas? Let’s explore each issue in the following content.

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What is Metallization? The definition and principle of creating metal coatings

Metallization, sometimes referred to as thermal spray coating, is the process of applying a thin layer of metal to the base surface of a part to protect the surface against corrosion and wear physical. Typically, aluminum, zinc, and their alloys are used, and they are heated electronically or using a flame and then sprayed onto the prepared substrate.

In many cases, aluminum is the widely used metal for this coating process because it is a good conductor of electricity, forming mechanical bonds with silicon. In practice, however, no single metal can satisfy all the desired properties for a metallic coating. Therefore, appropriate materials and coating methods will be selected depending on the desired result.

This coating process can protect the material from the effects of corrosion, abrasion, weathering, improve the aesthetics of the building or even create the desired functionality. These applications will be described in more detail in the following sections.

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Benefits of Metallization process – The advantages of metal coating

Throughout development, metallization has been trusted and applied because of the benefits it brings. Some examples of the benefits brought by the metal coating process include:

Metallization applications – In which fields are metal coatings applied?

Since launching in the market, the application range of metallization has constantly expanded. Top applications include:

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It can be seen that metallization has overcome the disadvantages of traditional metal protection methods. At the same time, it provides many unique benefits, becoming the leading solution in anti-corrosion and metal protection applications. In addition, the variety of coating methods and materials is a factor in creating the suitable coating, possessing the desired properties for each project. However, this job will require help from experts and a team of experienced technicians. So, choosing a quality contractor is especially important to get the best metal coating solution.

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