Construction owners are always advised to look for anti-corrosion contractors to protect their work better. So what is an anti-corrosion contractor? What services do they provide, and how do you choose a good contractor? We will answer in the following article.

Anti-corrosion contractors: Who are they and which services do they provide?

This article will go through three main sections:

  1. What is an anti-corrosion contractor? What are their responsibilities? 
  2. What makes a trustworthy and high-quality contractor for every project?
  3. Why is VIVABLAST one of the most trusted contractors today?
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What is an anti-corrosion contractor? What are their responsibilities? 

Anti-corrosion contractors are private establishments that provide anti-corrosion services. Their solution is applied in a wide range of industry, from civil engineering to industrial plants and offshore projects. These contractors often provide situation assessment, recommended solutions and include assessing the situation, providing solutions, and construction on-site application.

Most contractors are outsourcers, as it is rare for a factory or building owner to build a dedicated anti-corrosion team. In addition, anti-corrosion construction requires specific qualifications and specialized machinery and equipment.

So why do we need these services? Because anti-corrosion is very important for buildings, equipment, and structure’s performance and longevity. One of the most used materials, also the most easily eroded, is steel. More steel is used, more attention must be paid to corrosion resistance.

What makes a trustworthy and high-quality anti-corrosion contractor for every project?

1. License

When choosing an anti-corrosion contractor, the company must be licensed to operate and have all legal documents. Besides, they also need certificates of quality, process, and labor safety…

2. Insurance/Warranty

To minimize damage during construction, the anti-corrosion contractor should have an insurance policy or warranty for the project.

3. Diversity of  anti-corrosion methods

The same anti-corrosion technology can not be applied in all cases. Therefore, to get the results you want, you should prioritize contractors that offer a variety of anti-corrosion solutions for each type and characteristic of the project.

4. Highly qualified technical team

As mentioned above, anti-corrosion is a specific and not simple job. It requires the operator to have extensive training including knowledge and skills, and master safety principles. Therefore, the anti-corrosion contractor needs to prove the quality of the team through the certificates and project records performed…

5. Modern equipment and machinery

Each anti-corrosion method will be carried out using corresponding tools/machines. Therefore, the contractor needs to be fully equipped with specialized equipment for anti-corrosion construction. In addition, labor protection equipment must also be fully prepared for technicians.

6. Consulting and providing practical solutions

A good contractor does not simply follow the customer’s request, but they need to evaluate and give advice based on the actual situation. At the same time, they also need to design a systematic construction process with specific and clear work items and completion goals. Only then the whole team can work together and achieve the expected results.

7. Clearly information about time and budget 

Each project has its own budget and specific time requirements for completion. These are the things that the anti-corrosion contractor should pay attention to develop a reasonable solution and construction process, avoiding wasting time and money for both parties.

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Why is VIVABLAST one of the most trusted anti-corrosion contractors today?

VIVABLAST is one of the most familiar names in anti-corrosion contractors in Vietnam. They provide the following three main anti-corrosion services:

1. Simple barrier coating

This is a method of using paints, resins or powders consisting of epoxy, nylon and urethane to create a thin film coating on metal surfaces. These particular chemical components work to protect the metal from anti-corrosion agents.

2. Thermal coating

The thermal spray coating method is the most popular anti-corrosion technology today. Solid materials such as powders, wires, rods, drug cores, etc., are converted into high-energy flows to melt the material and form a fine mist-like texture, creating a coating on the surface.

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3. Hot dipped galvanized

In this method, the steel is dipped into molten zinc to create a protective alloy coating on the surface. This galvanizing method has been around for a long time but is still popular and widely applied. However, this method cannot be performed in situ; We must bring the structure to be sprayed to a separate construction area.

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The reason VIVABLAST is a reliable anti-corrosion contractor is that:

In short, anti-corrosion contractors are companies specializing in the construction of anti-corrosion solutions for many different types of construction. If you are looking for reputable, quality service at a reasonable price, then VIVABLAST will be a name worth considering.

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