For the internal production process to run continuously and bring out the best value, certain stages must be taken methodically and logically. And Turbine Insulation plays an important role in the working system… So what is insulation, and why should we care about this stage in the manufacturing process?

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This article will provide you with all the information needed to answer the questions above.

Turbine insulation services in industrial system production activities: The overview

The production system always includes various different steps, each of which will play a separate role and join in producing the most qualified products. Similarly, turbine insulation is considered one of the most important stages in production activities, especially industrial machinery maintenance.

1. Definition and application of turbine insulation in industrial maintenance

Insulation is a common solution in mechanical engineering, refrigeration or construction. It is taken to prevent heat-releasing during use. 

As we all know, a turbine is a part that will produce a large amount of heat, especially when having been operated on for a long time. Therefore, turbine insulation is a method to ensure user safety and optimize turbine productivity, helping turbines operate more efficiently after a long time of use. 

The turbine system in particular and other components, in general, are often affected by the effects of temperature during the production process and environmental factors. Therefore, insulation is one of the requisite stages to maintain operations and prolong production efficiency.

2. How many types of turbine insulation? What are the operating characteristics of each type?

There are many turbine insulation solutions applied in industrial machinery maintenance activities. In particular, the following four methods are the most effective, which can meet the maintenance needs of many different materials and constructions:

Based on the characteristics, properties and scale of the project, we can calculate and select reasonable solutions, thereby ensuring the quality we bring to users.

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3. What is remarkable about the turbine insulation process? Some important notes when insulating

An insulation process consists of many different stages, each of which serves a specific purpose. The process below is taken by VIVABLAST – one of the best insulation service providers nowadays.

A turbine insulation project carried out by VIVABLAST includes the following six steps:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Bidding, selecting the implementing unit
  3. Research and select suitable materials
  4. Prepare machinery
  5. Personnel arrangement and safety training
  6. Construction kick-off

The working time will depend on the nature of each type of work. The benefit of choosing VIVABLAST – a leading supplier of anti-corrosion, turbine insulation and industrial system cleaning services in Vietnam, is that the whole process will be consulted, supported and implemented by the skilful and experienced team.

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VIVABLAST has been building, designing and installing high-quality systems in various industries. VIVABLAST is proud to be the best companion, providing perfect solutions for every project.

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