Nowadays, fireproofing paint is considered the most effective and economical fire prevention material. With components including Acrylic or Epoxy compounds, the paint provides long-lasting fire-resistant and heat-resistant qualities. To learn more about this paint, please read and follow the content below. This article shows you detailed information about this useful paint for the buildings or any materials that it suits. 

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Some of the effects of fireproofing paint on the buildings in the industry

This paint is used to paint the surface of materials that need fire resistance, such as iron and steel, to help iron and steel structures avoid the effects of fire. It can withstand longer temperatures when fires and explosions occur, and can stretch a long time before the fire brigade provides assistance. Not only for iron and steel but also works well for concrete, wood, walls, and other building materials.

It is to form a passive fire protection layer on the surface of the material. In the event of a fire, this coating will swell and expand, making the fireproof process longer than 3-4 hours when exposed to fire or high temperatures. This is an effective solution to prolong the insulation time, enough for the fire truck to approach to extinguish the fire.

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What is the composition of the fireproofing paint, and do different ingredients give different effects?

Although there is a regulation of the operation, the composition of fireproofing paint has many different materials. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out some kind of this paint for each situation. 

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Features of fireproofing paint derived from the Acrylic resin to the other paint

Acrylic fireproofing paint has the advantage of being safe for humans and the environment, easy to use and fast to apply. This paint has a fully automatic fire protection mechanism. The paint will automatically inflate when it senses a temperature of 250 degrees or more. In addition, the fireproof wall of Acrylic paint can be up to 120mm thick. And withstand flames up to 1200 degrees for 150 minutes. 

Although the passive fire protection feature of this paint is really good. The only disadvantage of this paint is that Acrylic resin causes an unpleasant odor when applied. But when the paint dries, it will no longer bad smell.

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Features of fireproofing paint derived from the Epoxy to the other paint

Unlike Acrylic fire retardant paint with only 1 component, Epoxy paint has a structure of 2 components, so it has high heat resistance, especially for metal surfaces. Epoxy paint is preferred for constructions with iron and steel structures in factories and enterprises with combustible materials and often operating at high temperatures. When using this paint, the metal surface is capable of maintaining the state for 6-8 hours in the melting temperature.

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Fireproofing paint with oil-based ingredients is environmentally friendly and safe for users

This is a water-based fire retardant paint, formed from Poly Vinyl Acetate resin combined with phosphorus and nitrogen-based flame retardant components. It raises the passive fire protection feature of this kind of paint without any side effects. Therefore, this paint is said to be environmentally friendly as well as safe for users. 

In addition, this paint can interact with many other coatings and has a quick drying time. In terms of quality, this paint is fire resistant up to 200 minutes, highly durable, and very difficult to peel, blister, and delaminate by rainwater.

Fireproofing paint made from Silicone material ensures high aesthetics

This fireproofing paint with ingredients derived from special Silicone, which is synthesized mainly from flame retardant paints and inorganic pigments. This type of paint has very high fire retardant properties and can resist fire at temperatures above 900 degrees Celsius. At the same time, this paint can withstand the direct impact of the environment, has high durability, and ensures aesthetic factors.

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Fireproof paint is a coating on the outside surface of building materials. It helps iron and steel structures avoid unwanted effects in the event of a fire incident. This type of paint is very diverse in composition, each component has different advantages and disadvantages. So it is suitable for different types of construction structures.

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