Wharves are an essential component of the marine transportation system, serving all activities, including travel, trade, and maritime development. The wharf structure is subject to many impacts from the corrosive environment. The first priority is investigating and protecting because erosion is caused by waves and microorganisms while operation. There are 4 jetty pile protection methods to prevent wharf corrosion that are highly appreciated and bring the most optimal efficiency today.

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Why do we need to establish a jetty pile protection system for offshore construction?

By analyzing the causes of damage to the wharf, it is highly urgent to research and implement solutions to cover the wharf to protect from corrosion. Because a well-built and well-maintained wharf system to ensure the operation is the first condition for developing a waterway transport system and a factor promoting the country’s economy. Developing and improving the underwater infrastructure to facilitate the movement of goods at home and abroad smoothly and quickly. Besides, protection and anti-corrosion can also prolong the service life and maintain the operating frequency of the wharf for longer and more durable.

In addition, the construction and establishment of a good wharf contribute to economic development and protect the lives of people working in seaport wharf areas. Therefore, jetty pile protection is the optimal solution to prevent corrosion of the wharf.

4 jetty pile protection solutions for efficient and professional maintenance

For anti-corrosion construction of the wharf, it is necessary to carefully study and evaluate the actual situation to give the most suitable solution. The below 4 jetty pile protection solutions have been recommended, which can protect the wharf from harmful agents from the outside.

The most professional jetty pile protection is the anti-corrosion coating layer

Anti-corrosion coating is also known as a method of jetty pile protection for industrial, oil, and gas construction piers, including FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) pier wrapping, 3LPE (Three Layer Polyethylene Coating) pier wrapping, and 3LPP (Three Layer Polypropylene Coating) abutment wrap.

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Jetty pile protection by the reinforced concrete method

This jetty pile protection of the reinforced concrete cover helps the pipeline resist Archimedes’ thrust stably lying on the seabed and protects the channel from mechanical impact. The special thing is that the concrete layer is wrapped outside the anti-corrosion or insulation layer without affecting these layers.

Jetty pile protection by wrapping with PU Foam and MLPP

PU Foam technology is used to improve anti-corrosion and heat insulation for pipes with temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. For MLPP, this technology ensures heat insulation function up to 150 degrees Celsius and achieves 3000 m depth. Besides jetty pile protection, the combination of PU Foam and MLPP is widely used for insulation construction of offshore oil and gas companies.

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Jetty pile protection by wrapping the wharf with the Bend and Fitting method

Bend and Fitting prevents corrosion through “3LPE/3LPP Modified” coating technology. This jetty pile protection method increases the jetty’s excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance in extreme weather. This is the lastest wharf coating technology implemented through the RAM Series 200 system.

The series 200 RAM system provides anti-corrosion protection, limiting strong wear due to weather and microbiological influences on the wharf structure. RAM Series 200 works in the mechanism of inhibiting corrosion in treated areas by removing oxygen and water from the substrate surface, to improve the network’s life for up to 25 years. Due to the particular benefits that RAM Series 200 brings, this system is considered as the perfect solution for any construction. It could protect the wharf from corrosion and cavitation from natural agents, such as the tide and big waves.

jetty pile protection industrial solution vivablast

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