What is metal coating and why should we use it for the industry?

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Metal coating is a method that helps protect the metal from corrosion and reduces wear and tear of the material. These methods are often made from polymers, such as epoxy, moisture cure urethane, and polyurethane. This article will show you about what is the main function of metal coating and some advantages of this method to the industry. 

Metal coating applications of anti-corrosion paint and its properties

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Increasing the life of the building by using metal coating paint will help investors minimize maintenance and rebuilding costs. Moreover, using anti-corrosion paint is an effective way to protect the work. So what are anti-corrosion paint and the advantages of this solution? This article will introduce an overview of measures to protect this work.

Hot-dip vs Cold Galvanizing comparison: What’s the Difference?

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Today, cold and hot dipping galvanizing are the two most widely applied anti-corrosion methods. In this article, we will compare the two methods above, from concept to how it works. 7 key differences between cold galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing This article will go through 4 main sections: The difference in terms  The difference in the […]

What does an anti-corrosion contractor offer you and how to choose the best one?

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Construction owners are always advised to look for anti-corrosion contractors to protect their work better. So what is an anti-corrosion contractor? What services do they provide, and how do you choose a good contractor? We will answer in the following article. Anti-corrosion contractors: Who are they and which services do they provide? This article will […]

Effective metal coating solution: Wire arc thermal spraying

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Thermal metal coating technology has expanded and developed continuously, being applied in many different fields such as aerodynamics, nuclear, marine, oil and gas, mechanical engineering… The wire arc thermal spraying method can create conductive coatings for non-conductive materials or insulation, effective wear-resistant, anti-corrosion coatings. The following article will introduce double wire arc thermal spray aluminium […]

The 5 most common metal coating types and their benefits

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The metal coating is necessary for metal structure protection away from corrosion. Corrosion can be considered the biggest enemy of metal, it can seriously affect the longevity of the structure or equipment. In this content, we will introduce to readers 5 forms of metal coating that are widely applied nowadays. 5 effective metal coating measures […]

Metal coating: Industrial applications of material protection solutions

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The leading values and continuous improvement have made metal coating the golden solution in the application of protection and resurfacing of metal materials. After more than 20 years of development in Vietnam, metal coating technology has been applied to many fields of mechanics, fine arts, production of anti-corrosion materials, and machine building. In particular, the […]