Sludge treatment – overview and steps of the sludge treatment process

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Municipal sludge – known as sewage sludge – is a by-product of wastewater treatment. Sludge can also come from industrial facilities such as food manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, chemical and fuel plants, etc. Waste sludge treatment requires a specific process to ensure safety and not cause pollution to the environment.

Mechanical Contractors – What do they do and what are their roles?

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Mechanical contractor works in various fields, and you can find them in different professions. Depending on the job they are in charge of, they will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing mechanical systems, plumbing, HVAC, piping, refrigeration, etc.

Turbine Insulation – The five popular insulation materials and what they can do

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Turbine insulation is necessary to ensure turbines in industrial systems always operate perfectly and safely. However, each system will have different structure characteristics, installation procedure, operation ,… which requires other insulation techniques. To understand which insulation solution is right for your system, let’s look at the concepts and benefits of turbine insulation at a glance. […]

How to install a roof top solar panel? Basic installation steps

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A roof top solar panel is a modern device capable of generating green and renewable energy sources, often used for large-scale factories or constructions in remote and isolated areas. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing rooftop solar panels. Checklist to prepare before installing roof top solar panels for the […]

What is industrial cleaning? What does this service include?

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Industrial cleaning service was invented to solve industrial environments’ particular cleaning needs, where typical cleaning methods cannot be easily applied. So what types does it include, and how important is it? We will answer all in this article. Industrial cleaning services: Definition, classification, and importance This article will go through 3 main ideas in turn: […]