What factors does the drying time of fireproofing paint depend on?

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The drying time of fireproofing paint depends on factors such as temperature, air humidity, weather when applying paint, air circulation, coating thickness, and coating method,… Low temperature, high humidity, and low air circulation will make longer drying time.

Can we apply the fireproofing paint when it rains?

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During the fireproofing paint process, the surface should not be soaked in water. Because it will damage the effectiveness of the fireproofing paint. Therefore, everyone does not recommend to apply fireproofing paint when it rains or has high humidity. It is better to apply fireproofing paint indoors or outdoor construction with a careful roof.

The Concept Of Fireproofing Paint And The Effect On The Buildings

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Nowadays, fireproofing paint is considered the most effective and economical fire prevention material. With components including Acrylic or Epoxy compounds, the paint provides long-lasting fire-resistant and heat-resistant qualities. To learn more about this paint, please read and follow the content below. This article shows you detailed information about this useful paint for the buildings or any materials that it suits. 

What type of fireproofing paint offers the best performance?

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Fire prevention is always a top priority in construction works. And fireproofing paint and intumescent paint are two types of paint that are widely and commonly used in today’s fire protection solutions. But there has been a question that which type of paint has the best function to reduce the risk of fire and explosion? […]

Advantages and drawbacks of using passive fire protection in steel structure

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Passive fire protection is one of the most significant aspects of construction, as it not only protects people but also helps maintain building quality. Various beneficial fire prevention strategies are being used nowadays to keep buildings safe and establish unique electricity systems, and passive fire protection technologies are now considered standard methods. There is some […]

Which is the most useful and safest method of fireproofing for steel structures?


One of the most critical tasks that any construction must complete is the installation of an effective fireproofing system. Steel is a prominent building material nowadays because of its advantages in construction. As a result, intumescent paint is now the first option used to safeguard buildings and people, together with other solutions, to ensure the […]