For work at height, scaffolding is the first priority method, but now people are starting to use a new method, which is rope access. Why do the workers choose this way instead of scaffolding? Why this method plays an important role nowadays. Read below for more information. This method is developed from mountaineering techniques by applying safety factors and using equipment that has been developed to suit industrial applications.

rope access services

I. Reasons for choosing the rope access for work instead of scaffold

1.1. Reasons for choosing the rope access for instead of scaffold

– As time and human resources to perform high-altitude work are increasingly limited, the rope access method is the most effective one to perform

– In addition, this is a safe, time-saving and economically efficient solution to reach areas both on land and offshore.

1.2. Some examples of rope access applications in the industry

Access rope method is commonly used in construction for Offshore drilling rig, aerial transmission lines, towers, chimney.

Moreover it is also used for ships, big boats, columns, pillars, storage cellar, dams and high-rise building painting.

Plus, it helps to repair, construction, and installation of high-rise buildings, high-rise building glass cleaning. 

rope access services

II. Requirements for approach rope access method in works

One of the factors about the rope access method is that it is a very dangerous job. The International Industrial Access Climbing Association (IRATA) and the Association of Accessibility Climbing Professionals (SPRAT) have established safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of employees and the construction workers. 

2.1 Requirements for rope access employees about psychological

The requirements for rope access employees about mental health are capable of performing work in harsh conditions. Ability to analyze and solve unforeseen problems/problems when working by this method.

2.2 Requirements for rope access employees about health

The employees working by the rope access services have to withstand harsh weather, capable of working in a suspended state on a seat belt for a long time, body weight should not exceed 100kg. Plus, they must have good health to climb, swing, hang on the rope, physically, he can lift an object weighing 25 kg and move 50 meters.

How many protective gears are needed to perform rope access and what are those?

2.3 The technical level of the rope access method in works

There are 3 skills of rope access method level.

– Worker (1st level technician).

– Technician (2nd level technician).

– Supervisor (3rd level technician). 

In fact, the rope access is not too dangerous and requires outstanding stamina or dexterity health. Nowadays, the equipment has been standardized, if the worker is skilled then the job is done smoothly. As long as you are not afraid of heights, have trained skills, and strictly adhere to safety regulations, the rope access method will help a lot for the industry.

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