The leading values and continuous improvement have made metal coating the golden solution in the application of protection and resurfacing of metal materials. After more than 20 years of development in Vietnam, metal coating technology has been applied to many fields of mechanics, fine arts, production of anti-corrosion materials, and machine building. In particular, the research on thermal spray focusing on 3 main applications will be presented in the content of the article below.

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Top 3 benefits of metal coating in surface protection and restoration

Metal coating technology has been highly appreciated and widely applied in many fields. This material protection solution possesses many important advantages such as saving materials, creating coatings of custom thickness, and being able to restore old parts. However, the thermal spray has the top 3 applications evaluated as follows: 

1. Metal coating application creates a protective coating against corrosion in harsh environment

In the application of protective metal coatings against corrosion in atmospheric and aqueous environments, thermal spray coating materials are divided into two groups:

In many cases, it can be used alone or in combination with thermal spray coatings of metal or ceramic materials with paint coatings. In order to increase aesthetics and diverse protection capabilities. Typical applications are “zinc-paint”, “tin-paint” coatings for corrosion protection in water conservancy projects, where they are frequently exposed to seawater or salty acidic waters.

2. Metal coating technology in the application of creating functional coatings for the surface of materials

The functional metal coating is a wide application of thermal spray coating. In fact, the demand for material properties is very diverse. Typically: heat resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, high pressure in seawater, electrical conductivity, decoration… Meanwhile, the material must work in an environment subject to many factors such as chemical environment, weather conditions, high temperature and corrosive mechanical agents. These effects mainly occur at the surface of the material.

Therefore, creating functional coatings on the surface of substrates that are easy to find and low-cost is an effective solution to handle machine parts that cannot be produced domestically. As a result, creating materials with desired features such as conductive, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, etc.

3. Metal coating technology in the application of coatings to restore worn surfaces

In addition to protecting against wear, the metal coating is known to be an effective solution for restoring worn surfaces. This is also considered a special form of functional coating and is often used on machine parts under environmental conditions such as dry wear, heavy load wear, lubricated wear, abrasive wear. high-speed slide.

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Depending on the working environment of the material and the type of material, we choose the type of material to restore the appropriate surface. High carbon steels, alloy steels, FeCrB alloys or NiCr alloys are typical examples in wear dimensional restoration applications.

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With many ideal benefits and diverse applications, the metal coating has proven its effectiveness and is being widely used in many fields such as mechanical engineering, oil and gas, metal material production and construction projects… Besides, the quality of coating methods is also constantly improved in both technology and materials, meeting the diverse needs of the market.

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