Increasing the life of the building by using metal coating paint will help investors minimize maintenance and rebuilding costs. Moreover, using anti-corrosion paint is an effective way to protect the work. So what are anti-corrosion paint and the advantages of this solution? This article will introduce an overview of measures to protect this work.

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Metallization solutions of anti-corrosion paint on the materials

Metal structures and outdoor installations need to be protected with anti-corrosion paint, because they are often exposed to harmful elements, environmental humidity changes, rain, heat, etc. For buildings located in coastal areas, the salinity of the water can destroy the structure from the inside. Therefore, using metallization solutions and anti-corrosion paints with suitable protective properties will limit the attack of bad agents.

The anti-corrosion paint and metallization solutions affect works 

Anti-corrosion paints are used to protect steel structures against abrasive acids and adverse weather conditions. This metal coating layer also protects metals from degradation caused by moisture, salt content in seawater, and oxidizing agents. Paint can be exposed to various harsh weather conditions and industrial chemical environments.

This paint is composed of two main components: it includes base paint and a curing agent. Original paint is produced from substances that are friendly to the environment and people. A base paint acts as a coating around the surface to help slow down the oxidation process and increase the aesthetic value of the building. The curing agent is responsible for shaping and hardening the paint layers, creating high adhesion.

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The durability of an anti-corrosion paint can depend on a number of factors:

– Type of primer and paint used.

– Quality of surface condition.

– System maintenance.

For example, an investor who wants to protect a steel structure from corrosion and increase waterproofing can use a thick film ECG primer with corrosion and rust resistance. A layer of Primacric 20 is then applied for optimal waterproofing.

Advantages of using anti-corrosion paint for metal coating in buildings nowadays

In addition to protecting iron and steel works, anti-corrosion paint also dominates with the following characteristics:

Application of anti-corrosion paint in metallization that affects works

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This is a paint line that can be applied in most manufacturing industries. Areas that have applied this paint include:

The lower body and bottom of ships and boats are directly affected by corrosive factors such as sea waves, sea water and microorganisms… Coating with anti-corrosion paint will help the outer shell of the boat and ship to be less damaged.

The coastal constructions cannot avoid the elements of corrosion and erosion. The reinforced concrete part is very susceptible to water retention. This significantly reduces the life of the structure. Therefore, investors always pay attention to the construction of anti-corrosion measures.

Anti-corrosion paint is one of the most widely used construction protection technologies today. You can refer to many anti-corrosion solutions in our other articles.

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