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Decommissioned wind turbines were removed from the foundation and restructured. Most turbines are recycled, including the tower, rotor shaft, gearbox, generator, and shaft rod. The blades cannot be recycled, and the disposal of the old turbine blades is becoming a problem that needs an urgent solution.

During the fireproofing paint process, the surface should not be soaked in water. Because it will damage the effectiveness of the fireproofing paint. Therefore, everyone does not recommend to apply fireproofing paint when it rains or has high humidity. It is better to apply fireproofing paint indoors or outdoor construction with a careful roof.

The dry ice technique removes 99.9% of mold spores faster than traditional cleaning methods when following IAQA standards. This process eliminates manual cleaning and produces no secondary waste, which reduces time and labor costs.

Repairing the gearbox, propeller or generator is extremely complicated. Spare parts are expensive and repair work requires long downtime. Therefore, you need to have an effective periodic maintenance plan, do not wait until damaging turbines and propellers to repair.

The finished size of the ringlock scaffold is the following information:
– The basic length: 900mm – 1200 mm – 1530 mm – 1700 mm.
– Normal width is: 1250mm.
– Length of the cross brace to connect and fix 2 frames is: 1710mm – 1960mm.

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