If boiler tube repair is not taken in a timely and correct manner, it will cause a negative effect not only on the boiler but also on the overall operating efficiency. The main topic of today’s article will be boiler tube repair.

Boiler Tube Repair: Identifying the need, the importance and the process

In the content below, there are three main ideas that we will go through, one by one:

  1. The causes of boiler tube failure
  2. The necessity of boiler tube repair
  3. The repairing process for boiler tube

Boiler tube repair demands: What are the main factors of boiler tube damage?

There are several reasons when it comes to why the boiler tube is out of order. However, we can list down three common issues that almost every boiler owner faces:


Corrosion can make tubes pitted and defective. There are numerous causes of corrosion, such as too much oxygen in the water or improper maintenance of the standby boiler. High oxygen levels are the most common cause of the corrosion, so deodorizers are often introduced to effectively slow down the corrosion rate of boiler tubes. However, not every boiler tube is installed with this device. The lack of oxygen removal means can cause pipes to corrode and pit more quickly.

boiler tube repair

Errors in standby boiler storage can cool down the sections. Under ordinary operation, the interior of the tubes does not absorb moisture when being heated by the fireside. However, when the boiler cools down, the ash-containing moisture inside the tube can cause pitting and corrosion. As a result, keeping a high temperature during storage can prevent corrosion. 


Since the visual inspection may not point out the accurate issue, your boiler should have a hydrostatic test. If the tube fails to stand up a hydrostatic test, means that you need boiler tube repair.

Untreated hard water can result in mineral deposition outside the tube. Over time, the large number of minerals may impede heat transfer, preventing the water from cooling the tube. When the inner temperature of the tube reaches a high level, it can cause rupture or blowout. 

Boiler tube repair: Why is it so important to the whole boiler system that we cannot hold up

There are a lot of industries relying strongly on the boiler system. Unfortunately, many of them neglect the maintenance tasks of these vital parts of the equipment. Regular checking the integrity of the tubing and scheduling boiler tube repair can help prevent the breaking down of the boiler and minimize the cost of new appliances.

boiler tube repair

Industrial boilers are an integral part of any plant. If boilers are not properly maintained, corrosion or failures can form through time, resulting in production delays and loss of profits. Entire power outages and loss of output can occur when tubes are corroded or large amounts of scale build up. That is also the reason why the cost of boiler tube repair is never a waste of money. We should never understate the importance of proper operation, maintenance, and repair of the tube.  

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Boiler tube repair: Overviewing the general six-step process for most kinds of tube

The accurate boiler tube repair must be taken by a National Board certified repair service provider (R-Stamp). There are 6 basic steps for boiler tube fixing as follows:

  1. Firstly, the technicians will assess the issue, undertake any preliminary testing, then conduct an approved repair plan.
  2. At the second step, they will remove the failed tube and determine the probable problem to apply operational changes that can prevent further failures.
  3. After that, the condition of the tube end connection locations (tube sheets, steam drum, mud drum, etc) will be assessed, and any additionally required NDT will be performed .
  4. New boiler tube installation in accordance with the code requirements (rolled, beaded, welded, etc.) will be taken.
  5. Before coming to the end of the process, a pressure test in accordance with the code requirements will be undertaken, as well as any additional NDE to verify integrity of the boiler tube repair.
  6. The repair forms must be completed and submitted to the National Board and jurisdiction and the procedure finishes.

boiler tube repair

Moreover, depending on the location of the tube, we can perform boiler tube repair without replacing tube or section replacement. This is determined by each specific situation, but we all can save time and cost, as removing and replacing a boiler tube is time-consuming and requires replacing nearby tubes as well in an unnecessary way.


In conclusion, boiler tube repair is a vital process of any plant, not only to maintain the efficiency of the tube, but also the productivity of the manufacturer. Hoping this article has  fed you with useful information about the boiler tube repair


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