Belzona, in general, and Belzona Vietnam, in particular, can be considered a leader in composite materials production, repair, and protection. The solutions provided by Belzona Vietnam are internationally certified and are recognized by customers for their performance. The following article will introduce you in more detail about this company.

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Why is Belzona Vietnam a top choice in the manufacturing industry?

In this article, we will go through 3 main sections as below:

  1. Brief introduction about Belzona 
  2. Key unique selling points of Belzona 
  3. Application scope of Belzona 

Belzona and Belzona Vietnam: The establishment and development throughout decades

Briefly introduced, Belzona is a global design and manufacturing company specializing in composite materials and industrial protective coatings. Since the entrepreneur Jorgen Svendsen founded the company in 1952, Belzona has been on a mission to provide quality and lasting repair and maintenance solutions that exceed the needs and expectations of customers.

Belzona technology is applied to many different repair areas, from entire complex systems to simple parts. The solutions we provide are tailored to each customer. We mainly focus on repair and restoration to minimize costly replacements and help reduce repair and maintenance costs without too much downtime. With over six decades of development, Belzona confidently brings exceptional repair and long-term protection standards to your construction.

Belzona has “docked” in the Vietnamese market through its exclusive distributor – VIVABLAST. Belzona Vietnam is considered one of the pioneers and leaders in industrial maintenance in Vietnam. We provide innovative solutions for many projects of different sizes. As part of the global Belzona Engineering team, we have a team of highly trained consultants and technicians who ensure optimal solutions for customers. 

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What are the remarkable strengths of Belzona Vietnam in the industrial market?

Belzona Vietnam combines research with continuous development, thereby helping us to come up with the latest, most advanced polymer systems. With decades of experience, coupled with our constant learning, we can meet industries’ ever-changing and challenging needs.

The outstanding advantages that make our name must include high cost-effective and safe solutions. In addition, the unique materials we offer promote faster and more efficient repairs. Customers from diverse fields reach to Belzona as an optimal solution thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

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The wide range of applications that Belzona Vietnam is providing to industrial customers

1. Protection of valves and pipelines:

A range of cold cured and cured epoxy coatings is specifically designed to provide outstanding resistance to erosion and corrosion and demonstrate excellent chemical resistance.

2. Gasket, Seal, and Shim:

They are used to shape bearing shims of custom shape and good bearing capacity.

3. Heat exchanger

Cold-curing epoxy products allow for quick on-site application, reduce downtime and provide sustained resistance to erosion and corrosion.

4. Pump:

The cold-curing technology we offer can restore severely damaged pumps. The epoxy materials provided by Belzona Vietnam can help reduce more severe failures, increase pump efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

5. Tanks and Secondary Storage

They helped to maintain storage tanks, restore damaged concrete and secondary storage areas, and provide resistance to chemical and force impacts.

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6. Floating tube repair

Belzona Vietnam can protect and restore pipes to normal working conditions and repair damaged flanges without welding or on-site machining.

7. Mechanical transmission

A wide range of solvent-free epoxy grades is designed to repair and prevent common failures associated with mechanical force transmission and are a reliable alternative to weldable and machinable techniques. 

8. Package system:

This is a new repair solution that restores the strength of the corroded pipe and tank walls.

This system is designed to coat pipes. Patch holes replace faulty metal substrates and provide outstanding strength, helping to resist corrosion and chemical effects.

You have reached the end of the article. We hope we have provided you with helpful information about Belzona and Belzona Vietnam. If you are looking for a supplier of advanced protection and repair materials and solutions, please contact Belzona’s distributor in Vietnam – VIVABLAST company.

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