In this article, Belzona Vietnam will introduce you to 3 ways to restore hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic pump plays an important role in providing control power for the entire system instead of the mechanical part. So how to restore a damaged pump is something that many people are interested in. Let’s find out the cause of the damage first.

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Belzona Vietnam suggests determining the cause of the failure before restoring the pump

Before learning how to repair hydraulic pumps, you should learn about the most common causes of pump failure:

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Belzona Vietnam introduces 3 ways to restore hydraulic pumps

There are many methods to restore hydraulic pumps, below are the most common solutions. You can go through the pros and cons analysis of the solutions to choose the right method.

Belzona Vietnam suggests restoring the hydraulic pump restoration by partial or complete repair

Restore hydraulic pump by repairing and restoring part or all of the equipment and pump details to restore part or all of the pump’s functionality and performance.

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Belzona Vietnam thinks this method will save you money instead of buying a new pump.

Some pumps with large sizes and complex structures should be restored because the new purchase cost will be very high and the payback period is longer. Moreover, you can take a metal coating to ensure its longevity.


The time of use after restoring the pump depends on the technical level, equipment and machinery of the repair unit.

The quality of plating, processing as well as the quality of replacement materials are also decisive factors for the quality, life and durability of the pump after restoration.

Belzona Vietnam gives a method of restoring hydraulic pumps by replacing parts

Pump restoration by spare parts replacement is quite common. Currently, spare parts and replacement materials are very diverse. Hydraulic equipment such as cylinders, pistons, scrubbers, swivel bases, vanes, pump gutters, etc. is available in the market.


Rest assured about the quality, and shorten the repair time.

Belzona Vietnam found that the elements of assembly size and clearance of details in the pump are guaranteed when you use this method. 

Select equipment or pump assemblies that are compatible with the original pump.

Defect: High cost

Belzona Vietnam suggests replacing a new or similar pump for severe damage to the pump

In case the hydraulic pump is damaged too badly, cannot be repaired or can’t find replacement parts, buying a new pump is inevitable.


Be assured of the quality when buying a genuine new pump.

Quick and simple installation because there is no need to change the structure, pedestal frame,…

Capacity is still guaranteed if you buy a new original pump.


Take time to wait for the goods to be imported if the type of machine you use is rare.

It can be expensive.

If replacing the equivalent pump, it will have to re-process flanges, joints, pipes, pump base frames, etc., increasing costs.

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Belzona Vietnam recommends 3 restoration methods available today, you can refer to the pros and cons of each solution to choose the right solution for your needs.

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